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Blog Reborn!

Dear Readers,


Frequent (or even infrequent) visitors to the website will have noticed that the blog has vanished. Let me reassure you that nothing has been lost, but only archived after an attack from a copyright troll on an ancient blog post I wrote. Frustratingly, not least because I can only blame myself; I was lazy when transferring it from another website. Protected images were used and detected by a bot scouring the internet for such content.


In the meantime, my editing services have remained and continue to remain available. But I miss this side of Rowan Tree Editing, and I have decided to revamp the blog, assessing old content and republishing it either edited with improvements or updates or in its original form. I will use a set of Rowan Tree Editing logoed covers and avoid the headache of sourcing additional images.


Unfortunately, I have been unable to start this venture until now due to various life events, especially some planned surgery that resulted in a longer than planned-period in a hospital ward. I received splendid treatment there and am fully on the path to recovery. The nurses, especially, were astonishingly professional despite being grotesquely understaffed, underpaid and institutionally neglected. The NHS remains a wonder.


As well as reposting archival content, I mean to begin posting new content. This will start with a review of Kacey Sophia’s wonderful romantic fiction, An Artist’s Dream, tomorrow. I will continue to write on many of the subjects I have covered previously: on writing itself, editing, philosophy, essays interrogating everyday life, utopia and utopian fiction, gender and queer theory, politics and much more. I will also branch out into new areas of writing!


Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, and if you are new, I hope to earn your readership in due course.


With solidarity and love,

Rowan Fortune



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