“Working with Rowan as my editor has made my work clearer, stronger and sharper. After tidying up the format into a professional standard, Rowan identified and helped remove several writing tics that I was completely unaware of. Rowan's edits are always backed up with a clear explanation or an example of how to raise the quality of the text.” ~ Terry Melia
“Rowan Fortune is a talented, sharp-eyed mentor who gives his honest opinion about a piece of writing. He is the literary personal trainer I needed to get my novel into shape. When I edit I can still hear him pointing out clichés and exposition, and making frequent references to Proust! My second novel emerged out of a flash fiction piece he thought I could expand.” ~ Anjana Chowdhury
“Rowan adapted his approach to mentoring as I drafted and redrafted my manuscript. He regularly read my work in progress for clarity and grammatical accuracy and gave advice on its structure and flow. Rowan’s feedback was always constructive and insightful and this in turn gave me the confidence to discuss all aspects of the book with him and to ultimately finish it. I am now working on my second novel and I have asked Rowan to mentor me again.”  ~ Clare Hepworth-Wain

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