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Pricing Adjustments

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

01 February 2020 (Originally Published)

After reflection, Rowan Tree Editing is making a small adjustment to its pricing structure. This will not impact existing quotes and contracts. These will come into effect after February. The shortest categories (under 9500 words) will be negotiated on a case by case basis, and reflect existing prices as well as the volume of the work commissioned. Other prices will increase to reflect inflation and general costs. These are still competitive prices with a guaranteed quality of service. 

Smaller word counts can be negotiated Novellette/Long Essay (9500-17,500) £200.00 Novella/Essays (18,001-40,000) £350.00  Novel/Nonfiction (40,001-80,000) £400.00 Long Novel (80,001 - 120,000) £550.00  Larger word counts can be negotiated

Patrons: If you became a patron prior to these changes, or become a patron during this month, you might wonder how this impacts your discount. For anyone who falls into this category, your discount of 10% to 15% can be applied to existing prices oo any quote received for three months after you officially gain your discount. Thereafter your discount will apply to the new price list.

Old Price List: Short story (1000 – 9500) £16 per 1000 words Novelette (9501 – 17,500) £150 flat rate Novella (18,001 – 40,000) £275 flat rate Novel (40,001 – 80,000) £325 flat rate Long Novel (80,001 – 120,000) £450 flat rate (£12 per 1000 words over 120,000 words, up to 150,000 words)

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