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NB at the A*CR

This is a roundup of a group of articles I have recently done for the Anti*Capitalist Resistance on trans solidarity. These were largely collaborative efforts with other LGBTQ+ comrades.

Transgender Solidarity I: Radical Genders

Rowan Fortune examines what contemporary radical conjectures about transgender politics get right, and what they get wrong. This is the first of three articles aiming to create a discussion about the supposed controversies of transgender politics today, and how the left engages with these controversies.

Transgender Solidarity II: T4T

Logan O’Hara and Rowan Fortune explore the place of separatism both within trans oppression and the response to that oppression.

Transgender Solidarity III: Camaraderie

Rowan Fortune asks what is needed for a genuine socialist solidarity with the trans struggle.

Additionally, here is a presentation I chaired for the A*CR by the queer historian Sacha Coward. Entitled ‘Without Agenda’, this illustrated talk explores how we discuss gender in the past; respectfully addressing people whose lived experience do not fit the gender norms of today.


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