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How to Stay Safe Online

One of the nicer sides of keeping a blog, posting articles through various platforms and especially for a membership political organisation is when pieces garner attention. I have been fortunate to experience that quite a bit lately, and one person who contacted me over a quite old article I wrote, Notes on British Transphobia, asked that I share a guide that aims to empower LGBTQ people and give them the tools needed to protect themselves online.

It has taken be too long to find time to do so, but now that I have a moment (including enough time to check the safety of the link, which is always a priority), I am glad to promote this useful resource and hope that it offers something to you all. I have long noted that the Internet is two-sided, to use Marx’s term, and my view of social media is increasingly that the harms vastly outweigh the benefits; therefore, I am more than slightly attuned with, and sympathetic to, the concerns this piece so deftly raises.

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